An Animal-Free Way to Test Cosmetics

Photo Credits: Thinkstock

We want to make sure that our beauty products are safe to use, but many of us would rather not sacrifice an animal’s well being to guarantee it. Well, it looks like Fido can now sleep soundly thanks to a new break in the battle against animal testing. 

A team of researchers at Newcastle University recently created a test that uses human skin and immune cells to test drugs and cosmetic ingredients for reactions. The test, called Skimune TM, looks for any rashes or blisters that could indicate a more serious immune response from the body when a particular ingredient comes in contact with the skin. 

“It is accurate and faster than anything currently around and can save companies time and resources. The test identifies drugs or products which are likely to cause a reaction or just not work effectively in humans," says Professor Anne Dickinson from the Institute of Cellular Medicine.

This test particularly comes in handy since Europe recently banned the sale of cosmetics tested on animals this past March. “This skin assay offers an accurate and rapid alternative to animal testing and provides the bridge between the laboratory tests for novel drugs and the first stage of clinical trials in humans,” says Dickinson.