Look Great Through Allergy Season

Photo Credits: Thinkstock

If you suffer from allergies, you probably already know that this allergy season is a tough one. Sniffling and sneezing is never a good look and to further our point, a recent survey from Zyrtec revealed that 96 percent of female allergy sufferers have experienced allergy-related beauty woes like a red nose, watery eyes or a puffy face. Ugh. 

What's more, 50 percent of women with allergies have had to miss out on a meaningful event, like a party or date, because of what some are referring to as “allergy face”. Two-thirds of women with allergies admit to feeling ugly or unattractive for the same reason. Luckily, we got the scoop from Zyrtec beauty expert Rebekah George on how to look our best even if we’re suffering from the dreaded “allergy face”.

Build bold, beautiful brows: Take advantage of the big and bold brow trend, which allows you to go easy on eye makeup. Focus on shaping and penciling brows to help “wake up” your allergy face and distract from watery eyes.

Mask with metallic: To help reduce redness under your nose, opt for an on-trend, high-shine metallic lip gloss in a copper or bronze color.

Opt for a gentler cleanse: At the end of each day, avoid rubbing skin that may already be irritated by a runny nose. Instead, look for a gentle cleanser or makeup remover.

Go dark to distract: Darker lashes can serve as a distraction to red eyes so embrace the “wet eye” trend and apply a clear gel to give lashes a wet look. For extra definition, top with a coat of black mascara.

Embrace shimmery shadows: Use a cotton swab and dab a shimmery pearl shadow on the area between the bridge of your nose and eyes. The lighter shadow helps to brighten up your face. 

Au naturel and aglow: If your allergy face is really acting up, skip makeup altogether and apply a self-tanner for a fresh and healthy glow that lasts all day.