Dilo Oil: An Anti-Aging Secret From Fiji

Once upon a time, Kate Somerville went on vacation to a small island in Fiji and brought us back one heck of a souvenir. Okay, not us personally, but it’s something meant for all women who are looking to keep aging at bay.

During Somerville’s stay on the island she came across these native women who were in their 40s but remarkably didn’t look a day over 25. (Trust us, we’ve seen the pictures.) When she asked what their secret was, they said they used the oil from the dilo fruit that only grows on the windward side of the island.

Eager to find out why this oil was so special, she brought some back and ran some tests. What the folks at Kate Somerville found was that the oil contains natural essential lipids that help fortify and strengthen skin and have the potential to make you look younger

So if you combine this precious ingredient with other beauty boosting ingredients like lupin seed, marine extract, pumpkin seed extract, antioxidant rice bran and rosemary leaf extracts and you get Kate Somerville’s Dilo Oil Restorative Treatment ($65). This fast-absorbing oil improves skin hydration, firmness and elasticity, pigmetnation and can ever erase some of those pesky fine lines and wrinkles.

Need proof? Clinical studies from Kate Somerville say that 100 percent of women who used the product saw improvement in firmness, elasticity and hydration. Plus, 87 percent saw more even skin tone and 75 percent of women saw their fine lines and wrinkles dramatically reduced.

With results like these, we’re practically drooling over this product. Trust us, you’re going to want to stand in line for this skin saver when it launches this July.

  • Emma
    Posted on

    Pure Fiji Dilo Rescue body gel is fantastic. I've been using it for years . . . It's great for cuts, burns anything really. I always have in my handbag.

  • Sabrina
    Posted on

    Dilo oil is also used in Pure Fiji products and has been around for years. They're products are the best around. Fijian ingredients, made by Fijians.

  • Amy
    Posted on

    Pure Fiji have sold 100% dilo oil for years! It's much cheaper than this brand too!

  • Andrea
    Posted on

    I discovered dilo about 6 years ago from the most amazing brand Pure Fiji which make the 100% pure dilo oil product so it's in it's purest form unlike the one mentioned above. Seems like Kate is trying to cash in on an authentic Fijian brand!

  • Sophie
    Posted on

    Pure Fiji makes a 100% pure Dilo oil product that I've been using for months and it's helped me in more ways than I could have imagined. Their Dilo product is the best in the market place and the purest form you can find. In fact all of their products really are second to none.

  • Sarah Evans
    Posted on

    This ingredient is also used in all Pure Fiji's products. They also sell it pure and it's amazing.

  • Deb T
    Posted on

    how do I get the anti-aging secret sample? dtilt1@gmail.com

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