Jessica Alba’s Post-Pregnancy Secret

Photo Credits: PR Photos

From the looks of it on the Met Gala red carpet, mother of two and A-list actress Jessica Alba didn’t seem to have too much trouble getting her pre-baby body back. And while we might have speculated a strict diet and an even stricter personal trainer as the explanation, it turns out Alba owes her hot post-pregnancy bod to a corset.

"After birth I wore a double corset for three months. It was sweaty but worth it," says Alba in a recent interview.

So what is a double corset exactly? “It’s a midsection-reducing product that has the two rows of hook and eye closures. The double rows allow you to adjust the product as the midsection is minimized over time,” says Ruben Soto of shapewear website

After having a baby, a corset can be worn to support the abdomen as you heal. “An added benefit is that a mother can attain her pre-pregnancy figure after wearing the garment,” says Soto. A slimmer shape is achieved instantly after the item is put on and also overtime by reducing inches through increased perspiration. (Alba wasn’t kidding when she said it was “sweaty”.) 

Soto says he’s seen new moms experience anywhere from a 1-4 inch reduction in the midsection after 1-2 months of continuous wear. “Additionally, our customers have mentioned that they experienced reduced back pain, a fuller looking bust and a more confident posture,” he adds.

If you’d like to try a corset out, make sure to choose the right size and consider your height, weight and body shape when picking one out. “A properly fitting item will be comfortable and provide the results listed above. An ill fitting item may cause discomfort,” says Soto, who suggests AMIA Almighty Vest Cincher ($70) and the Squeem Shapeband Girdle ($55).

Would you try wearing a corset? Why or why not?