Absorica: The Newest Anti-Acne Pill

Photo Credits: Thinkstock

Nowadays it seems like there is a pill for just about everything. We’ve heard about pills to boost Botox results, offer sun protection and help hair-loss. Oral acne medication has long been an available acne treatment to fight pimples but now there’s a new kid on the block. 

Accutane was the most commonly known form of isotretinoin (the vitamin A–derived superpotent anti-acne pill) until it was taken off the market. Other brands exist, and they work best when taken with fatty foods since they allow for the medication to be absorbed properly. A new oral pill, Absorica Capsules (patent pending), fights nodular acne but doesn’t necessitate the use of food.

It is recommended that most oral isotretinoin medication be taken with food, especially, fatty foods to make sure it is properly absorbed and distributed for maximum effectiveness. But Absorica Capsules, which are approved by the FDA, have a better mode of absorption and don’t necessarily need to rely on food or fat to make the medicine work at its best. It is important to note that many types of isotretinoin, including Absorica, have potential downsides, like dry skin, headaches and back pain (among others), and are best suited to treat the most extreme acne cases.

Bottom line: Absorica, which can be obtained only by prescription, became available in late 2012. It still comes along with the potential side effects and risks that are associated with all forms of isotretinoin.

Have you suffered from adult acne? Have you tried Absorica?