Are Your Beauty Products “Honest”?

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As much as we’d like to ignore it, the truth is that there are a lot of questionable chemicals and ingredients in the beauty products we use. Even products like sunscreen that are meant to protect our skin from cancer can contain cancer-causing ingredients. Luckily, there are companies out there, like The Honest Company, that are, well, “honest” about what’s in their formulas.

Every item from The Honest Company is non-toxic, eco-friendly and never contains questionable chemicals like phthalates, formaldehyde and parabens. Oh, did we mention that this is Jessica Alba’s company?

But it’s not just about what the products don’t contain, it’s also about what they do contain. Every product actually delivers on what it’s supposed to do. Take the Organic Lip Balm Trio ($10)—it contains nourishing and moisturizing oils like jojoba, olive, coconut and tamanu. The Honest Hand Sanitizer ($7) not only kills germs and bacteria, but it also contains soothing botanicals that prevent dryness. 

And these are just a few products among the many others in their bath and body collection. It’s a great feeling putting products on your skin without having to worry about what could be lurking inside it. That also goes for their cleaning products and baby goods too!

These products check off nearly everything on our list when it comes to selecting a product: they’re safe and they actually work. Will you try them? 

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  • Zed
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    We looked for safer wipes online for our son to avoid all the bad Parabens and Phenoxyethanol. We discovered this company and were actually seduced by their products and mission statement. We ordered the Honest "FREE" sample package for $5.95 shipping to get a better idea of what to order in their entire catalogue. Not only the diapers did not work better than the brand we were using before but they even created a terrible rash on our 16-month old son (or are these their wipes?). The wipes are dry and stick to each other which must be pretty annoying on the long run. So we decided not to go that route and look for another brand that would satisfy us and our son better. Now the worst part begins !!!! What they call a "free trial" ends up being a monthly service where they stuff you for over $160 worth of products before you can even react and cancel it. There is no actual way to cancel and manage your orders/subscriptions on their website, they force you to call their Customer Service(even an e-mail is not accepted). We had to stay for 25 minutes on the line before talking to an operator who ended up offering a 15% discount on the bundles !!! Seriously ??!!!?? You shoveled those products we never ordered down our throats and you don't accept them back ? Those $5.95 did cost us over $160 because we did not go and read the fine prints at the very bottom of the page and we are now sitting with all those products that are not suitable for our son. OUTRAGED ! We even discovered after the fact that their wipes (maybe some other products as well, to be verified) were manufactured in CHINA!!!... How green is that?!? And they call themselves the HONEST company... that's ironic !

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