Four Steps for Radiant Summer Skin

With seasonal changes, some tweaks to your beauty routine are necessary. With warmer weather and less clothing in the summer, it’s essential to keep your skin healthy and looking its best. Staying properly protected from the sun’s harmful rays should be your first plan of defense but there are some other small adjustments you can make to ensure your skin is smooth and radiant this summer and the seasons after. We spoke to the pros to clear up some common misconceptions to ensure you’re treating your skin the right way come beach season.

Apply sunscreen correctly. It’s not just about wearing sunscreen—it’s about applying it correctly. “Skin that is not protected by clothing should be generously covered with about an ounce of sunscreen (the equivalent of a standard shot glass), and it should be applied at least every two hours,” says Mt. Kisco, NY, dermatologist, David E. Bank, MD. If you do get burnt, over-the-counter pain medication, cool compresses and staying hydrated will help with the pain and healing, according to San Diego dermatologist Susan Stuart, MD. “If your sunburn is accompanied by blisters, involves large areas or is associated with signs of infection like fever, chills then see a physician,” she adds.

Stop sunspots. Sunscreen should be your main strategy to stopping sunspots but if you do plan on catching some rays, they might be inevitable. “If you get sunspots in the summer, increase the number of your sunblock and make sure you reapply frequently (every 1-2 hours), wear a hat and clothes and stay in the shade as much as possible,” recommends New York dermatologist Rebecca Baxt, MD. Visit your dermatologist to discuss options for clearing your pigmentation issues when you’re no longer in the sun.

Stay moisturized. Skin can be dry in the winter, but this can happen in the summer too. “Sun exposure sucks moisture from your skin,” says Dr. Bank. So, perhaps keep a few of your thicker moisturizers around. Also, remember to moisturize from the inside out by drinking plenty of water.

Fight breakouts. It’s a common misconception that sun exposure will dry up acne; however, this is not the case according to Dr. Bank. “Don’t disregard using acne fighting products such as salicylic acid cleansers. Chances are your skin will be clogged during the summer months due to an increase in sweating and sunscreen use,” he says.

To learn more about getting your skin in shape for summer, talk to your doctor about laser treatments like Clear + Brilliant and watch this video to learn more.


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    It still amazes me that in this day and age and with all the information that is available today we still have to talk about SPF. Specially in skin of color patients - SPF is going to save you a lot of headache in the long run - I recommend to my patients the fabulous Oil Free SPF 40+ - Soothing and great for all skin types and best of all doesnt leave a residue - No reason you can't use it. Easy to carry and also you might want to have an extra for your boyfriend / He will want it also. :-) Also for those running around in the humid east coast summers, a wonderful option is to reapply using mineral makeup with SPF 30, great when you need a boost during the day - Im not sure I would want to apply a thick moisturizer to hydrate my skin during the summer months, unless you have very dry skin. Remember water is very important and will make a huge difference in the condition and health of your skin. Let us not forget vitamin C - L-Ascorbic acid is a very powerful antioxidant and will assist in preventing discoloration and powerful in the fight against free radical damage - which causes premature aging and leather looking skin. Use the vitamin C Serum every morning after your cleanser for more radiant and glowing skin. Those are all very basic steps that everyone can take and will assure you have skin that looks and acts healthier and younger!

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