Sunscreen Just Got a New Sidekick

So much of our lives (literally) revolve around the sun. From barbeques to picnics to sporting events, there are so many activities we enjoy that simply wouldn’t be any fun without it. But, while we love it, it does come with a cost—aging and skin cancer. The good news is that researchers are always finding ways to help us enjoy some good old-fashioned sunshine and worry less about what will happen later on.

In fact, researchers at the University of Manchester in England found that you can boost your skin’s immunity to sun damage by taking omega-3 fish oils. It turns out that fish oil can also help enhance your body’s ability to fight skin cancer and infection. 

“Although the changes we found when someone took the oil were small, they suggest that a continuous low level of chemoprevention from taking omega-3 could reduce the risk of skin cancer over an individual’s lifetime,” says lead study author Lesley Rhodes. 

While all of this is good news, omega-3 can’t replace your sunscreen. It’s more of a sidekick—think of it as a Robin to sunscreen’s Batman.