Does Your Anti-Aging Cream Contain This Magic Ingredient?

Photo Credits: Thinkstock

For years we’ve been hearing cosmetic companies sing the praises of peptides for reducing wrinkles and fighting signs of aging. For the first time, we now have independent scientific evidence that is backing up some of those claims.

As we age, collagen in the skin deteriorates, allowing wrinkles to form and while many creams and lotions promise to turn back the hands of time, some times their actual effects are questionable. Researchers at the University of Reading in the UK have recently discovered that the peptide known as MatrixylTM can double collagen levels in the skin, which in turn increases elasticity and diminishes the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

MatrixylTM is already used in several anti-aging products and according to the new research the ingredient is proven to actually work. “Studies like this are very important for the consumer as cosmetic companies rarely publish their work so rivals can’t copy their products,” says Ian Hamley, a professor from the University of Reading’s chemistry department.

We expect more and more skin-care formulas will include this ingredient in the near future. Will you try it?