A Better Way To Snack

Eating healthy can be tough, especially if you’re a snacker. But if you can’t bring yourself to give up your favorite salty snacks, know there’s a healthier, more wholesome option—a way better option. 

From the vibrant packaging, to the diverse flavors (like Black Bean, Sweet Chili and Sweet Potato), the Way Better Snacks line not only tastes better than your average store-bought tortilla chips, but it’s also much better for you. 

Why? Simple ingredients and “sprouting”. Until further examination of a Way Better Snacks bag, I was unfamiliar with sprouting, also referred to as germination. Upon further investigation, I learned that from sprouting, the healthy ingredients are even healthier.

According to Way Better Snacks, sprouting provides increased vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, digestibility and nutrient absorption. Germination releases enzymes specifically designed to start the seed on its way to becoming a plant, which strengthens the nutrients in return. Sprouted foods are high in fiber and actually help neutralize and remove waste from the body. 

What’s best is sprouting doesn’t change the taste. So if you’re looking for a healthy snack, equally as delicious but way more nutritious than your standard chip, look no further than Way Better Snacks. 

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  • Mark Gillis
    Posted on

    I find this information quite misleading. If the product is so much more nutritious due to the sprouted ingredients then why are the vitamin and mineral quantities so low? When the sprouted ingredients are processed into flour, and then again processed into tortilla chips, all of these fragile nutrients are pretty much destroyed. How can these guys claim to be "Way Better", and what data are you basing your review on?

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