New Ingredient Can Nix Dry Mouth

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Hydration is important and we all know the vital role that moisturizing plays in keeping our skin and hair looking healthy and beautiful. A new technology has just been developed that works to keep our mouths moisturized too. 

Several people experience dry mouth as a result of medical treatments from chemotherapy and radiation to prescription medications. Dry mouth is not only annoying but also, left untreated, it can lead to more serious oral health problems such as gingivitis. 

Ashland Specialty Ingredients have formulated a new ingredient that will help the suppliers of dry mouth remedies mimic natural saliva. A clathrate of glycerin and polyacrylate, the new ingredient named Lubrajel BA hydrogel can be used in oral hydrating products to relieve dry mouth.

“With the increasing use of medications around the world, a significant number of people now seek artificial saliva products to address dryness in the oral cavity,” said Ann Druffner, global marketing manager for Ashland Specialty Ingredients’ oral care business. “Makers of oral care formulations are responding with a new generation of products designed to act as longer-lasting saliva substitutes. In supplying Lubrajel BA hydrogel, Ashland now provides a new ingredient to oral care formulators in their efforts to mimic natural saliva to provide improved mouth moisturization.”

Do you suffer from dry mouth? What are your fixes?

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  • Michael Fulbright Michael Fulbright
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    Saliva provides very important protection for the mouth. It contains minerals, proteins, bicarbonate as well as having antibacterial, antiviral, and anti fungal properties. Because of this, saliva is critical for many functions such as digestion, providing protection from germs, re-mineralizing the teeth to protect against decay, and balancing the PH in the mouth. Every time we eat and drink we cause the PH in the mouth to become more acidic, When the mouth is acidic the bacteria that cause dental disease multiplies and causes an overgrowth of the damaging bacteria. The good bacteria that helps digest our food and keep us healthy can't survive in an acidic environment. Our bodies are designed to balance this and bring the PH back up to healthy levels by secreting more saliva. When someone suffers from dry mouth this protection is lost. Some of the causes of dry mouth include poor diet, age, heredity, various disease and a wide variety of medicine , both prescription and over the counter. Luckily there are now professional therapeutic products called 'Caries Free' and are available by prescription through your dentist that help protect against the damaging effects of dry mouth. The products are patient specific and are recommended depending on the risk factors a person has. Contact your dental professional to schedule your risk assessment and guidance.

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