A Concealer That Really Covers

Knowing how difficult it is to stray from your go-to makeup products, I say with confidence: “out with the old, in with the new.”  I’ve recently welcomed a new addition to my makeup case, and tossed my old concealer goodbye.

By combining science and nature, TimeSeal Cosmetics has created a powerful, Anti-Aging Cream Concealer ($50) that is not only organic but also contains BioFirm 7 Complex. This special formulation consists of seven unique anti-aging ingredients that work to enhance, rejuvenate and beautify your complexion.

Oil-free and long lasting, this concealer covers any imperfection including lines, wrinkles, discoloration and blemishes. With four different shades to choose from, one is sure to be a perfect match for your skin tone. Developed for all skin types (including sensitive and acne-prone), this concealer starts off as a cream but finishes like a powder. Once dry, it leaves your skin looking as flawless as it feels without the need for touchups throughout the day.

Applying it each morning under my eyes and to my trouble spots gives me a major confidence boost knowing my imperfections are covered. During application, this silky concealer blends easily and leaves my skin feeling supersoft. Not to mention, the weightless formula goes on so light, I forget I’m wearing it at all, which is not a problem since it lasts eight hours. 

In addition to making a great product, TimeSeal Cosmetics is also a strong promoter of nutrition and exercise and the crucial roles that they play in staying and feeling beautiful. Combining health with their beauty approach, TimeSeal Cosmetics also offers wellness programs. Learn more here.

  • Ellen
    Posted on

    My friend told me about this concealer and after trying it I really couldn't believe how much better my face looked just by putting it under my eyes. It brightened the area and covers my redness and dark circles. I love that it corrects too.

  • Nicole Wieder - NewBeauty
    Posted on

    Hi Karen, TimeSeal Cosmetics is available in the UK! Just visit timesealcosmetics.com. Thanks, Nicole

  • Karen Tyson
    Posted on

    Is it available in the uk

  • Jamie C
    Posted on

    I found the concealer on the company website at www.timesealcosmetics.com and it is AWESOME! It almost gives an eye lifting appearance and it doesn't get cakey at all. It feels like you're not wearing anything. Super classy looking product packaging too.

  • Laurie
    Posted on

    Sounds great. Where do you purchase

  • Holly C.
    Posted on

    This is the best concealer by far! It doesn't crease and cake and it makes me look refreshed the next day even though I had a long night! Anti-aging ingredients is just the plus!

  • Kathy Matchunis
    Posted on

    Great article, Jennifer! Very informative!

  • Jyl
    Posted on

    I love this product! I've been using it for about 6 months and it works better than other products I've tried.

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