The Formula for Perfectly Layered Fragrance

I don’t know if it’s simple chemistry gone bad, a heavy hand or sheer bad luck in the scent department, but any attempt I’ve ever made to layer perfume on myself has been met with simply putrid, in-your-face fragrance results. Leave the mixing to the experts; I’ll stick with one spray at a time. But Sage + Fasten’s delicate perfumes—there’s four in total, all of which are paraben-, sulfate- and synthetic-free and designed to be worn individually or combined—are so fresh and absolutely addictive, you can’t help but spray away. The mix of fruity (crisp peach, juicy lychee, cherry, pear) and floral (lotus, hyacinth, orchid) notes somehow manage to mix to create scents that aren’t at all juvenile or too sweet, but crisp and completely unique—creator Vivian Lee even has suggestions for formulas you can follow to take the day scents to night ones. And no matter how much you mix, you really can’t overdo it.