3 Easy Fixes to Get Fabulous Skin Fast

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The dress and shoes are picked out; your hair is all done. The clock is ticking and it’s almost party time but your skin is looking subpar. Even if you only have a few minutes to spare before you leave the house, it’s not too late to get a glowing complexion to go with your fabulous ensemble. These three quick tricks from Santa Monica, CA, dermatologist Ava Shamban, MD, will have your skin lustrous in minutes. You can thank us after the party.

Splash and dash: Splash cold water onto your skin or take an ice cube and rub it over your face for a few seconds. It will stimulate blood circulation and tighten large pores, for at least some temporary radiance. If that’s too cold you can also rub an orange slice on your face for a similar invigorating boost.

Chill out: Keep your eye cream, toner and moisturizer in the refrigerator; applying cold product will help perk up a lackluster complexion. And remember to exfoliate; your complexion can look dull when dead skin cells build up on its surface. Moisturize to get skin surface plump and even for a great glow right before you go out.

Dew it up: Mix moisturizer and foundation together for dewy radiance. This easy trick does wonders to reflect light, and will help you look great in those holiday photographs.

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    There are many ways one can achieve healthy glowing skin fast. With the winter we forget about proper hydration. Thats key - I recommend Avene Thermal Spring water - It treats even the most sensitive skin beautifully - Then a nice hydrating mask will calm the skin and give it that nice healthy look - For more normal skin you can even leave the mask on or overnight - Hydrating serum and lotions will also help with hydration - Preparing your skin for a healthy glow and the perfect canvas before make up is applied. And do not overdo on the make up you want to show your healthy skin - If it looks like you have make up you have applied too much - Happy Holidays and enjoy my tips!

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