Do Nail Lamps Cause Skin Cancer?

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It’s routine to rest your freshly painted fingers and toes under an ultraviolet (UV) lamp after manicures and pedicures. But could this standard procedure be causing harm to your skin?

Rest assured, research published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology concluded that 10-minute exposure under UV nail lamps cause no harm and do not contribute to a type of skin cancer called keratinocyte carcinoma. Under the assumption that 10 minutes is the average UV nail lamp session, the researchers calculated that it would take 250 years of weekly UV sessions to cause any kind of harm to the skin.

In honor of the good news, we say go get your nails done! Just let us know what color you’re sporting this season.

  • Brendita
    Posted on

    Compared to driving a car, you are more likely to receive more UV light in a vehicle than under the UV gel nail dryer.

  • Bee
    Posted on

    I'm still not convinced.... It's a fairly new technology and no one knows for absolute sure. I have a permanent black line down the centre of one nail that WAS NOT THERE prior to getting gel and acrylic nails done. Never again for me plus they don't look attractive and are becoming a little passé now anyway. Short natural nails and nail art is what's in right now.

  • Melissa Calderón
    Posted on

    Awesome! I was afraid to do this but not anymore ;) and the color ths season is here today and aragon tomorrow..... It's a beautiful deep green. You should try it ;)

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