Small-Batch Beauty Goes Bespoke

The problem with pretty beauty products is bringing yourself to actually use them—they look so stunning just sitting there on display that it seems wasteful to crack them open and expose them to the elements. And Roots Rose Radish, a new all-natural line created by herbalist Christian Toscano, really poses that problem. With its handmade solid perfume seashell containers, glass flask oils and delicate (and completely reusable) botanical-sketched glass tins, there will be some internal struggling to break the pretty packaging open, but what sits inside is totally worth it. 

All of the ingredients are chosen by Toscana for their specific medicinal properties—she grows many of the plants and hand-distills the essential oils; the rest are sustainably sourced from organic farms—and all of the products are handmade to order to ensure freshness. The Jasmine & Clary Sage Solid Perfume ($50), an intoxicating scent that has a bit of a “sparkling” quality, is especially unique; the Honey Pecan Rose Face Cleanser ($30) will make even the most sensitive skin types glow.


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