Your Workout Buddy Should Be Stronger Than You

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Breaking a sweat is always far more enjoyable when you have a friend. Plus, it forces you to follow through on your exercise plans when you're scheduled with them. Now, a study says that your choice of workout buddy can also have a big impact on your fitness level. 

Researchers at Kansas State University say that we should choose partners who we believe to are stronger or in better shape than us. When participants in the study did this, they worked out harder and boosted their intensity and endurance by up to 200 percent.

“What this study suggests is that the opportunity to compare yourself to someone else can be motivating, and on top of that is the idea of being interdependent on someone else,” says study leader Brandon Irwin. 

However, the key to being successful is to choose someone who is just slightly stronger than you are as opposed to someone at a fitness level that might seem unattainable. That way, getting up to their fitness level or passing it is actually an achievable goal that will motivate you. 

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  • jy
    Posted on

    Definitely agree! I've had numeerous workout buddies that I may have forced into working out with me. Once a week or two went by, they became less involved therefore my workouts suffered!

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