Exfoliation From Head to Toe

There are a number of reasons why you need to exfoliate your skin. But if you think that you only need to exfoliate your face, think again. It is actually recommended that you exfoliate from head to toe to shed dead skin cells. Read on to find out why you need to exfoliate the rest of your body.

Your Hands
Dead skin cells build up on the hands, causing them to look dry and dull. Even the nail beds need to be attended to since they’re inclined to become ragged and develop tears and hangnails. 

Your Feet
The skin on your feet is thick and it can be hard to keep hydrated. If you opt not to wear socks regularly, your feet may be drier than normal and cracked, especially along the heels. In order to lock in moisture, it’s essential to remove the dead, white skin.

Your Scalp
“The scalp is constantly shedding dead skin. When you add chemicals from hair styling products into the mix, the scalp is in need of exfoliation,” says Mt. Pleasant, SC, dermatologist Marguerite Germain, MD. Styling products lead to buildup, which makes the hair look dull, limp and hard to style. Exfoliating the scalp removes debris, unplugs logged follicles, and gets rid of excess sebum and dead skin to increase circulation and hair growth.

Your Back
Although the back is hard to reach, it’s important to exfoliate it on a regular basis, especially to keep back acne at bay. “Just like the chest, the back can get clogged with oil and dead skin, leading to pimples,” says Kirkland, WA, dermatologist Julie Voss, MD.

Your Lips
Dead skin tends to accumulate on the lips, leading to dryness and chapping. When the lips aren’t smooth or free of dead skin, they can look dried out and your lipsticks and glosses may appear flaky.

Your Chest
The skin on the chest is home to hundreds of pores, which produce as much oil as the face and back. “If the chest isn’t exfoliated about once a week, a residue-like buildup can surface, causing the skin to look dull,” says Dr. Voss. “Plus, breakouts can emerge because of the trapped dead skin and oil in the pores.”

  • Kim
    Posted on

    Be careful girls, exfoliate does not mean rub your skin raw. Look for products with gentle ingredients for your face like jojoba beads instead of nuts and seeds. Also look for products that contain gentle fruit based acids like pumpkin seed and papaya extract. We love Good For You Girls Natural Blemish Wash.

  • Susan
    Posted on

    I just recently this one product, microdermamitt? something like that. It is absolutely wonderful!! It's made of silk floss, I believe the website explains it all. The woman who brought it here to the US did a lot of traveling and lived in Turkey for awhile. She discovered it when she had her first Turkish Bath. I was sceptical at how well it would work... but I find it is definitely worth the money for me. I bought the ZitMitt for my son and his acne, but so far he hasn't used it on a regular basis for me to really judge. :( I think it would if he would just use the darn thing! Teenagers!! :)

  • Mary
    Posted on

    How should we exfoliate our scalp? Is there a special shampoo for that? I tend to get flaky scalp every once in a while from product buildup and who knows what else..

  • Posted on

    Exfoliation is a beautiful thing. Deposits of dead skin cells can accumulate on non-facial as well. The great news is that non-facial skin can tolerate much harsher treatments. Something else you might not know is that chemical peels can be performed in any body part - as well as microdermabrasion. Especially now thats winter and you are not as exposed this is a perfect time to do a body treatment, get your skin nice and glowing for the next event. Both Decolletage and Back are very popular chemical peel treatment areas, as well as hands. Too many patients forget about their hands and they start to really show aging skin. Start taking care of your skin now before spring arrives. You will be glad you did!

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