Marine-Based Ingredients: Good For Your Skin, Bad For the Environment

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The sea provides us with some of the most effective, powerful and natural ingredients in skin-care. Believe us, we’ve discovered it first hand—some of the products we love utilize ocean-grown ingredients. But, while this is good news for our skin, it turns out that it’s bad news for the marine ecosystem.

The popularity of products that contain extracts from coastal plants, seaweeds, algae and other sea minerals has created a demand to harvest more and more unsustainably. What’s more, researchers at Organic Monitor recently discovered that the rise in popularity of marine-based ingredients coincides with data that shows increasing erosion of marine ecosystems.

Not only that, but researchers also say that the beauty industry is a major contributor to pollution because of all the packaging that’s involved. But there is a silver lining in sight. All of the major marine ingredient companies, including Ocean Basis, Apivita, Helia and Lipotec, will discuss solutions to the problem at the end of the month at the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit. In the meantime, look for brands that use eco-friendly, sustainable ways to utilize marine-based ingredients like the La Prairie Advanced Marine Biology Collection

  • Anna F.
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    Hi Shari! Thanks for your comment. You can learn more about the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit here:

  • Shari
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    What is the sustainable cosmetics summit? is it a consumer event? If so, I would love to attend.

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