Hormones: The Powerful Anti-Aging Ingredient

Naturally found in the body, certain hormones—like melatonin and DHEA (which the body can translate into any hormone needed)—have been noted as having a noticeable effect on enhancing the skin and diminishing the effects of aging. Integrating hormones into oral supplements is nothing new, but science has now drawn upon these benefits and is instilling hormonal components and ingredients that act on hormones into skin care based on their age-defying and skin-perfecting abilities.

A trend in fighting the signs of aging is treating the skin with topical hormones. Hormone-based skin-care products first came into the marketplace only by prescription; they are much thicker and stronger than their over-the-counter counterparts. “An early observation of rapid aging, dryness and wrinkling of the skin, when the body is deprived of estrogen, has long been a hallmark of menopause. For half a century, scientists have been trying to revitalize estrogen-deprived skin. While the discussion continues regarding the safety of estrogen supplements, we have sought to substitute topical applications to mimic the positive effects of estrogen,” says New York plastic surgeon Gerald Imber, MD. In general, hormones that are beneficial to the body internally tend to have a positive effect on the skin when used topically.

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    Hormone therapy treats bothersome menopausal symptoms but isn't recommended to protect long-term health. HerbsCity

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    I'm sorry, but I don't think this article has any substance to it. There's no real information here. I love your magazine, by the way, so I'm not just being crabby!

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