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We love a good makeover story and we’ve taken our talents to Extra to transform one very lucky lady—56-year-old Louanne.

Watch as NewBeauty performs a makeover to take 10 years off of one woman’s appearance. With the help of a haircut and color, skin peel, teeth whitening, brow shaping and makeup we completely transform one woman’s appearance. You won’t want to miss out on these inside tips and product picks from NewBeauty Executive Beauty Editor, Elise Minton.

Let us know what you think about the transformation!

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  • Alicia
    Posted on

    Such amazing small and simple fixes that made a huge difference! Her finished look is vibrant and youthful!

  • pat
    Posted on

    The product is amazing!

  • jl
    Posted on

    Very cool! She looks amazing and all of those products are reasonably priced brands!

  • Diane
    Posted on

    Who gets to have a makeover...I live in New York City. WIll you becoming here and also, I am an Extra, this would look good on my resume. Thanx, Di

  • Veronica Barton Schwartz
    Posted on

    Great segment! ExtraTV came out to Malibu and will feature our spa December 18th in a segment called 'Beauty At The Beach'. We will feature a Gold Stem Cell Facial, Acupuncture, Endermologie and a Tai Chi Class demonstration;)

  • Susanne
    Posted on

    She looks absoutley looks amazing, I can't believe it only took 30 minutes!! Stunning!!

  • Joannf54
    Posted on

    She looks absoilutely amazing, how can i have a makeover

  • Marissa
    Posted on

    lynnc, you can find Supersmile here:

  • Roz
    Posted on

    Wow she looks fabulous but natural. The dress and makeup made her look younger too.

  • Dr. Ronald Goldstein
    Posted on

    Great segment and great result in reducing age in an unbelievable 30 minutes!! And Elise looks more beautiful than the other 3 ladies so she should be up there on all the beauty segments!!

  • Rosanna
    Posted on

    She absolutely looked amazing after the make-over. Its a huge noticeable difference. Its funny how little minor changes made in the comfort of your home can bring about such dramatic results. It can do alot to revive your marriage.

  • Ceola
    Posted on

    Good basics and nothing drastic required

  • lynnc
    Posted on

    Great and you did take 10 years off the lady please let me know were I can find super smile

  • stacey
    Posted on

    she looks amazing! how can that happen in 30 minutes???