Poll: Will You Try the Kardashian’s Makeup Line Khroma?

Love them or hate them, there's a reason that the Kardashian clan has taken the entertainment world by storm. They’ve mastered the art of “celebrity” and have their hand in nearly every industry—from clothing lines to fragrances to nail polish, you name it, they’ve done it. So it’s no surprise that they’re about to launch their own makeup line (in fact, we're surprised it didn't happen earlier).

Khroma, following in the “K” tradition of their names and businesses, will first release a holiday collection of false eyelashes, mascaras, and “Kardazzle” compacts. More specifically, the holiday collection will feature their luxury lash collection called Lash Dash.

Khloe Kardashian took to her personal website to discuss the launch of their makeup collection to say, “Kim, Kourt and I have been obsessed with makeup for as long as I can remember, so launching our own line is a dream come true for us. So exciting!”

Kim also expressed her excitement, "Makeup plays such a huge role in all of our lives, whether we're on camera, at a shoot glammed up or just keeping it natural day to day, and it's a dream come true to be able to create our own line of products to share with you guys. We can't wait!'

The sisters are hoping to strike a note with multi-ethnic women, specifically those who admire the Kardashian style of beauty. The full line is set to debut early in 2013 and will be sold at CVS, ULTA Beauty, Sears and Kmart.

Now we want to know—are you excited for their new line? Will You Try Khroma, the Kardashian’s Makeup Line? Tell us in the comments below!

  • hennen
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  • Lara
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    No matter if you like the Kardashians or not, I think we can all agree they wear makeup beautifully. They have probably created the ultimate make up line on the planet right now, fresh and rich.

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    YEP. I'd try it if they have my shades. I love good quality products and I'm willing to bet they aren't selling crap right? Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, but I don't understand all the vitriol and jealous hate towards other people just doing what they do,not intentionally hurting others and living life.

  • Denise
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    No, yuck.. They are all gross and I eagerly await the day I don't have to see or hear about them ever again.

  • Toni M
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    Yes I bought it for my daughters for Christmas and they are great products love it !! They r beautiful women and I love there clothing line at sears !! The have great makeup and fashion style ..

  • Tiny
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    Maybe not! Why? Because there's a lot of good to really excellent makeup brand out there that's been tried and tested for decades. So, why gamble my money on something that was based on popularity. Unless, they rated really high on customer reviews .

  • soniyo
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    are the products hypo-allergenic??

  • Melissa lloyd
    Posted on

    No way!! I agree with Jamie....

  • bertney
    Posted on

    Since they use the best makeup on the market day-to-day, you KNOW their standards are high for a line like this.

  • jamie
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    Come on. How involved are they really going to be? They aren't chemists, how are they developing a line? this is no different than Halle Berry trying to fool us into thinking she would put Revlon make up on her face. Who cares?

  • Susanne
    Posted on

    Hell yeah! Can't wait for it to come out.They always look gorgeous

  • Julie Monaghan
    Posted on

    YES ! Of course I would love to try your new makeup!

  • G
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    Susan I totally agree. Not paying a dime for that stupid family's crap.

  • Pam
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    Word for word, EXACTLY what Susan said!!!

  • V
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    Yes. I love how their makeup artists do their makeup and i'm sure they will be tapping into their glam squad to come up with some awesome products. Hopefully lots of smokey eye palletes and nude lipstick!

  • Beka Rica
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    I already have. Feel how you feel about them, but any beauty lover will admit if anyone knows anything about makeup, it's them. While I don't watch the show (no cable) I love their look's when I catch pictures of them online or in magazines. Personally I find the line promising (review @ BekaRica.blogspot.com) and am considering purchasing products from their brand in the future.

  • Susan
    Posted on

    NO! I would never buy any product associated with this family. I am so sick of this greedy, narcissistic group that it would be fine with me if they just disappeared off the face of the earth. I haven't watched their "reality" show since Kim's sham wedding. Starting with their mother, Kris, they are an embarrassment to this country. I won't even buy a magazine if any one of them is on the cover. I haven't felt this much disgust for anyone since OJ Simpson killed his wife. Enough!!!

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