Perfume Pointers: The Best Places to Spritz

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Spraying perfume should be the easiest part about getting dressed in the morning. But if you’ve ever found yourself mindlessly spritzing body parts or spraying the air and walking though it for an even application, Drom Fragrances perfumer Kevin Verspoor has some perfume pointers just for you.

Although the wrist and neck are good places to start, there are other places that will benefit from a spritz or dab. According to Verspoor, the key is spraying areas of the body that have a good amount of veins and arteries underneath the skin, which help give warmth and projection to the fragrance. Kevin suggests spritzing the back of the legs (specifically the back of the knees), the area just above the hipbones, the nape of the neck, cleavage, the small of the back and the inside of the elbows.

But don’t overdo it; you don’t want to reek of your scent. To make sure you’re not overloading, Verspoor suggests applying a lighter lotion of your preferred fragrance and then adding just a couple sprays of the perfume. To accent, add a couple of dabs of fragrance on specific pulse points.

Remember, just because you do not smell your perfume all day long doesn’t mean others aren’t. So don’t reapply. Verspoor says you’re applying the right amount if you can smell the fragrance you have on in soft, sporadic whiffs. If you can continuously smell the scent you’re wearing, you probably have too much on.

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  • Anonymous
    Posted on

    Thanks for the well-written article. I particularly loved the comments towards the end explaining when you can tell if you have applied too much and when it's just enough. Have started to follow on FB and on Pinterest. Keep the great info coming our way! Lisa Mueller for ASK Cosmetics Inc.

  • annonymous
    Posted on

    I think it would be refreshing if everyone and their grandmother would stop with the overly scented fabric softeners, detergents, and deoderants that start out smelly and become intolerable when these folks "heat up". It kills me that these people will look you in the eye and say, "I'm not wearing fragrance." Really?, then why is it bringing tears to my eyes? (I may be highly allergic to these chemicals but it really is AS BAD OR WORSE than the person who marinates in a stifling fume.) I wish people would be more aware, and care about the air around them.

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