Amp Up Your Arms With These Exercises

Photo Credits: Thinkstock

Tight and toned arms are always in style and can be your best accessory, with any outfit. But to get A-list arms, it’s important to work on toning them without creating bulk. Fitness expert Will Torres, founder of New York's Willspace, shared with us his favorite at-home workouts for fit and feminine arms.

Perform 15 reps of each movement three to four times. Repeat below workout three times per week.

Squat Thruster
1. Hold two dumbbells in front of your shoulders and begin to squat
2. On the way up explosively press the dumbbells overhead 

Single Arm/Single Leg Row
1. Stabilize on one leg in a bent over position (hip back, knee slightly bent, and back straight)
2. With the opposite arm row by pulling your arm up
3. Make sure your elbow stays in close to your body. After all reps are done on one side, repeat on the opposite.

High Plank With Tricep Kickback
1. Begin in a high plank
2. Lift up one arm and stabilize your weight on the other side
3. Without letting your body shift (widening your foot stance will help with this) extend your arm flexing your tricep muscle.