Eva Longoria's Skin Makeover: From Shiny to Sexy Smooth

Photo Credits: Getty

We all want skin that naturally glows, like Eva Longoria's, but excessively oily skin does not equate to radiant skin. Not only can oily skin be an embarrassment, it can also cause persistent acne flare-ups. Unfortunately, the summer heat only exacerbates the situation, causing the sebaceous glands to work overtime producing excess oil and making shine more prevalent than usual.

Here are a few ways you can combat oily skin for a more balanced looking skin-tone and texture:

Create a balancing act

Excessive cleansing and harsh products can have a drying effect, resulting in even more oil production. Stick to soap-free cleansers and use moderation when it comes to chemical exfoliation—it should be done no more than twice a week. Whatever products and ingredients you decide to use, be careful not to overdry the skin, as this can actually stimulate more oil production and be counterproductive.

Slow down sebum

A gentle toner is an important tool in balancing the skin’s equilibrium, or pH balance, and creating an even, consistent complexion.

Keep makeup light

Especially during the summer, stick to lightweight makeup products and go easy on the application to minimize oiliness. Using an oil-free formula with lightweight color and coverage will help keep your skin clear and less slick.

Blot your way to perfection

If you are still dealing with excessive midday shine, don't reach for powder, reach for blotting papers. They soak up excess oil to get rid of shine and won't clog your pores like extra powder might.