Poll: What’s the Weirdest Beauty Tip You've Ever Heard?

Photo Credits: Thinkstock

We live in an age where information is easy to access no matter where we are. That means we’re able to find beauty advice for practically every question and issue out there. But with every piece of advice that makes perfect sense, there’s also those ones that make us think twice.

Some of our favorite wacky beauty tips include using hot sauce to make hair grow and soaking in a bathtub full of tea to help soothe a sunburn. And we’re sure you’ve all heard of the classic advice to put hemorrhoid cream under the eyes to reduce puffiness (it actually does work by constricting blood vessels temporarily!). 

So while we could go on about all the funny beauty tips we’ve heard, we want to know yours. What is the weirdest beauty tip you’ve ever heard? Tell us in the comments below.