Korean Exfoliation That Can Be Had At Home

If you've ever been to a Korean day spa, also known as "jjim-jil bangs," then you know that the Korean's have the art of exfoliation down to a science. Many of them (men and women) spend several hours soaking their bodies in mineral water and detoxing their skin in several different saunas with varying temperatures. Then for the finale, they get their bodies buffed until there's basically nothing left to scrub off. In the end, your skin is as soft as a baby's. You can read about our experience at Wi Spa in Los Angeles here.

But if you're a little squeamish or a just too modest to bare it all to other spa-goers and your designated scrubber, you may want to try the new exfoliating option on the U.S. market, O.R.G. Skincare Organic Mineral Peel for face ($39) and body ($29), which is already a hit in Asia.

In the privacy of your own home, this enzyme spray instantly exfoliates your skin and leaves you with visible results—you actually see the debris start to rub off (similar to what happens at a Korean spa). Unlike other exfoliators, you apply it to dry skin, let it absorb for a few seconds and then start to rub off the dead skin cells with your hands.

The formula is non-abrasive and free of alcohol, parabens and sulfates. The active ingredients in the body peel include aloe, jojoba oil and vitamins A and B1, with the face peel also containing milk thistle and licorice root to brighten skin.

Both are easy to use and pretty fun too! Try them out and see for yourself—instantly!

  • Bo H
    Posted on

    I believe in peels and scrubs. Would love to try this Peel.

  • Suz
    Posted on

    I'm a fan! Seen and tired similar exfoliants and personally think mineral peel is the best one out there. Hard to compare it to anything when you read the ingredients list (i.e. aloe, omega 3, jojoba, etc.) And it doesn't smell like kimchi ;)

  • Shaneekwa
    Posted on

    Does it smell like kimchi?

  • N...
    Posted on

    I use the spray all the and I love it! The spray makes my skin very smooth and silky just like the day after Jjim jil bang .

  • Patti G.
    Posted on

    I've already started using Organic Mineral Peel and I absolutely love it! Since these Summer months in Los Angeles have been somewhat drying to my skin, once I started applying Organic Mineral Peel, it's helped me maintain healthy and visibly clean skin. I can see my skin breathing better with a nice sheen after I apply some lotion. I literally use this everywhere! Thank you ORG.

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