Nicole Kidman's Makeover: From Outdated To In Vogue

Off camera, Nicole Kidman's look has seen as much variety as the roles she's played. But there's no denying she has become a true Hollywood style-maker. She has truly transformed since her younger, curlier days and is now an auburn-haired bombshell with classic porcelain skin. To find out how she maintains such a gorgeous look and to copy it, we went straight to a team of top tastemakers.

The hair
Curly hair is a wonderful accessory, but the curls are much more flattering to her delicate features when they are soft and controlled. “Her curls are too tight to be worn naturally,” says Lisa Chiccine, New York's most exclusive boutique hairstylist. As for her color, Nicole gets it just right. “Her natural auburn hair is gorgeous when enhanced. The highlights are so subtle, you can't really see where they start and stop,” says Chiccine.

The skin
“Nicole is renowned for her beautiful fair, porcelain-like complexion. It is a safe bet that she is not a sunbather,” says skin-care expert Jan Marini. Nicole protects her skin against UVA and UVB rays with Dermalogica's Extra Rich FaceBlock SPF 30 ($48)

The perfect pout
The sun breaks down collagen and leads to a loss of volume. Take a cue from Nicole and protect your lips from the sun by wearing lip products that contain SPF.

Image: Getty

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