A Tooth Stain Solution For Wine Lovers

Go ahead, have that delicious glass of red wine. But what about teeth stains, you say? Hesitate no more because this nifty little device makes wine stains a thing of the past.

Created by Jenny LaFever, WineStraws lets you enjoy your favorite wine without the fear of the evidence showing up on your teeth. The smaller inner diameter in the straws help direct the flow of the wine to the back of the mouth, thus bypassing the teeth. What's more, the straws are BPA-free and are completely reusable-just wash with warm water!

Wine experts have even reported an enhanced wine drinking experience using these straws since they help deliver the wine to the back of the palate instead of the tip of the tongue when you drink from the glass.

An added bonus for using these straws is that your lipstick or lip gloss will stay in place by avoiding contact with the glass. Now as for that stain on your white blouse, we can't help you there.

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