Cheeks That Would Make Even Juliet Blush

Rosy cheeks have long been a sign of youth and beauty. Even in works of literature, enamored men often described their lady's blushing cheeks as a sign of their unmatched beauty. But those rosy cheeks don't always come naturally, especially as we age. That's when we reach for blush to give our cheeks a boost.

I've been using the same shade of blush for quite sometime-hey, if it works, why switch? But I was recently given the opportunity to try Darci by DiCaprio's Blush Bouquet ($33), and I was hooked as soon as I opened it. The powder is pressed in the shape of a rose, and I'm such a sucker for flowers that I was immediately a fan.

I got the Pretty-N-Pink shade that is a blend of four different colored powders-three pink shades and a bronze one. It definitely gives my cheeks a youthful blush, but looks very natural at the same time. It blends really well into the skin and doesn't streak, which is a plus.

By far, the biggest selling point of this product is how good it looks in the compact. I want to get one in every shade (there are four) and frame them. That's how cute they are. As an added bonus, the compact also has a handy mirror inside, so you can reapply blush on the go. To learn more about this beautiful blush, visit their website.

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  • Kerry
    Posted on

    I'm all about a natural flush! I've been using Benefit Posie Tint for a few years now and love how nobody can tell I'm even wearing anything. Does this give any kind of cakey look?