NewBeauty At Fred Segal Product Pick: Smashbox Studio Skin

Trendy: adj \'tren-de\
Very fashionable, up-to-date, hip, popular

We provide you with this handy definition in an effort to remind everyone that the word trendy, which can have a negative connotation, is a good thing. Except when it comes to huge shoulder pads or overly-teased hair. When many people like the same thing, it usually means it is great, works well and should be applauded.

That's why we always want to know which beauty products are trending at the NewBeauty at Fred Segal store in Santa Monica, CA. Basically, who is buying which beauty products the most. This week? Store shoppers are going gaga for Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation SPF 10 ($38) says NewBeauty makeup artist Danielle Zuccarelli. Customers "love the longevity of the foundation and the great, flawless coverage it provides," she notes.

It's oil-free, and you only need a pea-sized amount to keep your entire face covered throughout the day. It's no wonder this liquid foundation has garnered so many fans and continues to fly off the shelves.

"There will be no touch-ups needed with this product and your skin feels hydrated without the shine," says Zuccarelli.

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