Rose-Marie Swift: A Beauty Buff Who Loves Red Lipstick

Part of the biz for decades, New York makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift knows the ins and outs of the beauty industry. Before launching her own organic cosmetic brand, RMS Beauty, she made-up celebrity faces including Gisele Bündchen and Celine Dion, and worked on ad campaigns for brands like Louis Vuitton and Victoria's Secret. With a star-studded résumé, we jumped at the opportunity to chat with Rose-Marie and get her personal beauty secrets:

If you could chose only three beauty products to carry with you every day, what would they be?
RMS Beauty Living Luminizer ($38), RMS “Un” Cover-Up and a brown shadow to darken my eyebrows.

What one beauty product could you not live without?
RMS Beauty Raw Coconut Cream ($18)-I use it for everything.

What's your ultimate beauty secret?
Detoxifying the body-whatever is going on in the inside shows on the outside.

What's the best beauty advice you've ever gotten?

Less is more when it comes to applying makeup.

How do you change your makeup from day to night?

All I do is darken and define my brows more and add a bright red lip. Shu Uemura lipstick in red is my favorite.

What is your skin-care regimen like?
I use RMS Beauty Coconut Cream to remove makeup and cleanse and RMS Beauty Oil for the skin.

What's your signature scent?
I have to admit, I hate perfume.

What is your anti-aging philosophy?

Detoxing, detoxing, detoxing! Cleansing the body out internally-we spend too much time fussing with our outer appearance and don't take the time to really clean the inside for optimal health. Health is beauty.

What do you do to keep your body in shape?

I walk everywhere I can. I go to the gym sometimes and make a constant effort to cleanse my body internally to keep it functioning easier with raw foods, homeopathy, juicing, chelation, etc. It all helps the body to remain more youthful. My favorite workout is Kundalini yoga.

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