Top Tips To Fix Tan Mishaps

Summer's officially here and it's only natural that getting a sun-kissed glow is top priority-without a trace of evidence that you fake baked, naturally. But a DIY self-tanning session can often result in orange palms, striped streaks and blotchy spots. So what to do when the color you crave is a We turned to the pros: Brownberry New York's Meredith Fish and Cindy Barshop of Completely Bare Hi-Tech Spa save the day with tricks to salvage any self-tan situation.

Problem: Alternating stripes of too-dark and too-pale skin

Solution: “Stripes are usually a result of water or friction that interfered with the color development within the six to 12 hour window post-application,” says Fish. “If the stripes aren't too dark, try evening it out with more product.”

Problem: Blotchy spots AKA super-dark ankles, elbows and knuckles

Solution: “Avoid this by mixing suntan lotion with a little bit of moisturizer and apply to just the ankles, elbows and knuckles–places prone to blotchiness,” advises Barshop.

Problem: Your "tan" is too orange, yellow or brown

Solution: “Mix freshly squeezed lemon juice into your go-to exfoliator,” suggests Barshop. “It instantly lightens the tan.”

Problem: After the requisite pre-tan scrubbing and careful application, you're essentially the same color

Solution: “Layer another type of tanner on top,” says Barshop. “If you were using a spray, use a cream and vice versa.”

Problem: Orange palms

Solution: “Facial bleach, like Jolen, where you mix the bleach with cream and allow it to sit on your skin for five to 10 minutes is the best, and really the only remedy that works,” says Fish. If you decide to splurge and get sprayed, make sure you wipe your palms using wet wipes post-procedure, otherwise they too will turn brown.”

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