Latisse Calls For Fda Regulation Of Competitors

Ever since Latisse hit the scene, it seems like nearly every cosmetics company has come out with their own version of a lash-enhancing serum. From inexpensive to ultra pricey versions, there's no end in sight to how many brands will exist. Or could there be?

Allergan, Inc., the company behind Latisse, and Botox for that matter, has been lobbying for the past few years to even the playing field for its competitors. Their goal? To make rival products currently classified as cosmetics be classified as drugs just like Latisse.

The problem with competing products labeled as cosmetics instead of drugs, is that the FDA has no authority to regulate the ingredients being used or recall products. And even though the FDA does have the power to ban dangerous substances, they rarely do.

Currently, the FDA defines anything that “treats or alters the structure or function of the body” as a drug. Allergan is specifically asking that any product containing prostaglandin analogs (PGAs), the active ingredient in Latisse, be classified as a drug. The issue is a top priority for the company, who are pushing for the FDA to have a bigger involvement when it comes to the safety of cosmetics.

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  • Richard Baxter Anonymous
    Posted on

    While Allergan certainly has an interest in protecting market share, the underlying issue here is that cosmetics do not have to prove both safety and effectiveness the way pharmaceutical products such as Latisse do. Testimonials are no substitute for prospective clinical trials.

  • Posted on

    I think it is about big pharma to some extent, however I think some competitors have been caught putting in prescription items in their products. Also we need to protect patent law. For me personally it drives the price of down that is wonderful news for consumers.

  • eyedeux
    Posted on

    I have been using Amplif-eye from my lash extension. It is her company brand and it has worked great. The first use cycle I went from a 60 lash count to 80 per eye. My eyes look out standing and so natural. Very little discoloration under my brow where I shouldshould have been more careful with application. Highly recommend Extreme Lashes!

  • anonymous
    Posted on

    I think this is all about "big pharma" trying to ensure their profits & nothing at all to do with the safety of the products in question...

  • Marcia
    Posted on

    Do cosmetic companies really put "drug compounds" in that the FDA would need to regulate?

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