Resurface Your Skin With Dragon's Blood

Just to clarify, I'm not talking about the blood of a fire-breathing mythical reptile in this post. For now, we can leave the dragon slaying to St. George-that is, unless we find out that the DNA of the fictitious animal really does fight wrinkles and renews our skin. Until then, we'll have to settle for a red resin drawn from the Amazon's Croton lechleri tree to reduce inflammation and help accelerate cell repair.

The red resin is called "Dragon's Blood" and has been bottled in the Peter Thomas Roth Laser-Free Resurfacer ($75). The serum, applied day and night, claims to help lessen the signs of aging caused by UV and environmental damage and cell breakdown-and helps improve your skin's texture and tone, much like a fractional resurfacing laser treatment you can get at your dermatologist's office.

While I can't speak to the product working as well as a laser, the serum does give my skin a glow it hasn't seen in a while. The combination of niacinamide (B3 vitamins) and this patent-pending "Dragon's Blood" (or "Sangre de Grado" as the natives of the upper Amazon call it), which contains high levels of procyanidins (a class of flavonoids which are high-powered antioxidants), have restored some suppleness to my face.

The product feels thick when it's applied, but quickly absorbs so putting makeup over it is not a problem. And don't worry, that deep, blood-red hue goes away as soon as it absorbs into your skin.

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  • Devra
    Posted on

    Aloha, Yes, I too would like to try a sample of this as well.I would be a little concerned about the color factor and if brown spots would pick up on it? I have had two fraxel treatments in the past five years so I would be able to compare-Hmm maybe in our next test tube kit?

  • allison
    Posted on

    I have been using the gel cream for a couple weeks and I LOVE it. It feels thick going on but absorbs well and feels silky. For that reason, I like to use it during the day and it doubles as a primer. Don't worry about the color. I'm light complexion and I haven't noticed any sort of tint or stain of color. Skin does feel more toned and I feel and look more rested

  • Courtney
    Posted on

    I would be interested in trying this, but anything with deep color turns me off because I worry it will dye my skin.

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