Poll: Which Celebrity Inspires Your Beauty Look?

The looks you see on the red carpet are often the looks you see on the street the very next day. Who could forget Angelina Jolie's killer red lips on the Oscar's red carpet? And Drew Barrymore practically started the ombré hair trend. Whether or not we like to admit it, celebrities play a big role in our beauty decisions.

It's no wonder that we look to celebrities for beauty inspiration, especially since they work with the industry's top makeup artists, hairstylists, and even plastic surgeons. They're always the first people to try out new and exciting trends. We've even discovered that looking at an image of a celebrity that you admire and associate yourself with can help boost your confidence.

So what about you? Which celebrity's beauty look do you try to imitate most? Tell us in the *comments below. You never know, we might make her our next cover model.

  • preeya
    Posted on

    i like frida pinto because we have same eye and hair color and have similar facial features. for hair i like kim kardashiain

  • Posted on

    Olivia Newton-John, she is gorgeous. No matter what decade you look at her in she is SO beautiful. I think that our inward beauty shows and may be the reason she is so lovely. She has been named Australia's National living Treasure. I had the great pleasure in meeting her a few years ago and I can say that she was as nice and lovely to me as she appears to be in public.

  • Meredith
    Posted on

    Courtney Cox, she doesn't look anywhere near her real age.

  • Kerry
    Posted on

    I love Blake Lively, she always looks like a Rock Star. She always has glowing skin and such healthy voluminous shiney hair. I would love to look like her even if it was only for a day.

  • Posted on

    Miranda Kerr! Classic, sophisticated, and natural :)

  • Melody R.
    Posted on

    I love Jennifer Aniston's and Mandy Moore's style and haircuts!

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