A Dry Shampoo To Top All Dry Shampoos

Dry shampoo, to me, is the best innovation in hairstyling since, well, hairspray. The way I feel about a really excellent fresh start-in-a-can/bottle/powder is pretty much the way Marilyn Monroe felt about a diamond: It's a girl's best friend.

Hardly a novelty, dry shampoos have become a dime a dozen these days, as almost every major hair-care company has unleashed their own version. I'm not upset about this. Believe me, I'm all about healthy competition, but I've discovered that despite the influx of new dry shampoos, to find a real standout superstar isn't as easy as an oily-haired gal might think.

Most tend to either barely soak up oil, make your hair feel dirtier in a different way or leave a white powder all over your scalp (convincing all your friends you have a bad case of dandruff, and not that you're simply in-between washings). Well ladies, there's a new sheriff in town.

On the heels of the announcement of L'Oréal's new state-of-the-art Global Hair Research Centre located in Paris Saint-Ouen-a 100-million-euro investment (one of the largest in the beauty giant's long history)-the brand unveils yet another home run hair-ro (get it?). The new L'Oréal Professionnel Fresh Dust Hair Powder ($19) isn't just another dry shampoo. Well, technically it is, but it's way better than others on the market.

This micro-fine spray powder absorbs oil at the roots like a champ. It smells great. It doesn't leave any kind of sticky residue and it gives pretty intense volume to my normally limp hair. A couple generous bursts from the aerosol can and you'd think I washed and blow-dried my hair not two days ago, but two minutes ago.

Go ahead, give it a spray and tell me: What dry shampoo has changed the way you feel about dry shampoos?

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  • Em
    Posted on

    The L'Oreal Everstyle Energize dry shampoo is AMAZING, if you're looking for a cheaper alternative. I have fine hair and it makes it so soft and voluminous. It's really a fantastic product to have on hand.

  • Holli C.
    Posted on

    L'Oreal is always ten steps before the rest!!!

  • anonymous
    Posted on

    I have tried a lot of dry shampoos, from expensive, Oscar Blandi and Ojon, to inexpensive such as Tresemme, and recently fell in love with the new Suave with Keratin Dry Shampoo! It works great, no white powder, and great volume! And at $3 a can, you can't go wrong!

  • Cynthia Knisley
    Posted on

    I have been looking for a dry shampoo for some time. This product sounds great but I have dry hair. Will it dry out my hair?

  • Karen
    Posted on

    I have color AND keratin treatments on my hair so I'm all about dry shampoos to preserve my investments, so to speak. This is one I will certainly try. I'm assuming it will be readily and easily available as are most L'Oreal products....

  • Jillian
    Posted on

    I have been using dry shampoo for quite a while - i am starting to notice a lot more options and am having a hard time choosing. How do I pick?

  • Leslie
    Posted on

    I've been looking for a great dry shampoo. I have oily roots but washing everyday has become murder on my ends. It just seems like the others on the market just don't have enough power to keep my oil at bay. Always willing to try though!

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