A Chic Way To Stay Sweat-Free

I'm not one to openly gush about my perspiration problems (pun intended), but am continually perturbed by deodorants that don't live up to my damp-free standards. Also, I tend to find that if a deodorant doesn't overwhelm my armpits with the smell of baby powder or lavender fields, it's not keeping my natural body odor at bay.

That's why I am always delighted to find deodorants that are delicately scented and offer wetness protection. The new Kai Deodorant ($24) does just that. It's an aluminum-free translucent formula (you'll never see another white mark on your black blouse again) and combines vitamin E, chamomile, and plant extracts with natural skin conditioning sugars to control wetness and keep you feeling dry, fresh and subtly scented of gardenia flower...all day. It also looks far superior on my vanity than any other baby blue deodorant stick could-a purely aesthetic bonus, I must admit.

While it's strong enough to conquer my moisture level, it might not be ideal for someone that sweats a lot, as it is not an antiperspirant which use chemicals to slow down the production of underarm sweat.

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