Customized Skin-Care In Two Clicks

Whether your skin type is oily, dry or combination-or if you're dealing with fine lines, redness or flaking, there's a way to create the perfect skin-care regimen to fit your concerns. All you have to do is hop on the Internet and customize it.

The process of picking the perfect organic ingredients for your skin is simple when you check out Once on the site, you decide which product you want to buy-eye balm, face nourish, bath salts, and more. Then you blend.

I went for the Truth Art Beauty Face Nourish ($54) since my combination skin constantly needs replenishing (especially since I try so many different makeup and skin-care products throughout the month). Plus, the company doesn't use fillers (like water or chemical additives) so the oil they use is pure and helps to balance my skin without clogging my pores.

My blend started with organic argan, then I added organic rosehip and pomegranate to keep my wrinkles at bay. And since it allowed me to choose two ingredients in the second step, I threw in the organic pumpkin and tamanu to firm and refine as well. Last, I popped the oil into my shopping bag and checked out. It was that easy.

About a week later my custom-blended oil arrived and I must say, it sure does feel like it was made just for me-my skin just soaks it up.

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    Hi Lisa, I was hoping for a couple more ingredients to choose too, but overall, I still really liked it. And I'm sure they'll expand as time goes on. Thanks for reading!

  • Lisa Bellarosa
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    I checked out the website, and while I thought the overall idea was brilliant, I wish there were more beauty ingredients to choose from. In fact, I think if that's all they changed along with maybe adding a few things, like a dry brush, and a few more skin products, (think masks/ creams / treatments, toners etc), this could REALLY take off! There are so many people who have sensitivities/things they are allergic too etc this would be ideal for, then you have people like me who read constantly about active ingredients and how they are beneficial to the skin who want to pick and choose what they want on their face. I guess it wouldn't be customized "skin-care in two clicks anymore," but it could be "customized skin-care clickity, clackity, click, to keep the tickity, tockity, clock away." ha-ha.

  • anonymous
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    Went to the site and made one of these immediately! So cool- I love being able to customize to my own wants/needs! Thanks for writing about this!

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