Leg-Lengthening Surgery On The Rise

Lengthening limbs is an invasive and painful procedure that was once reserved for people with birth defects or who suffered injuries. However, surgeries for leg lengthening are on the rise for purely aesthetic reasons, most often among men who wish to be taller.

In fact, an orthopedic surgeon in West Palm Beach, FL, told ABC News that he performed 650 leg-lengthening procedures in 2011.

And early this year, the FDA approved a new remote-control leg-lengthening implant developed by Sinai Hospital's Rubin Institute for Advanced Orthopedics, that for the first time allows the device to be controlled externally.

During the procedure, the thigh or shin bones in the legs are broken and a rod is implanted inside, which gradually pulls the bones apart while muscles, tendons and nerves grow around the "longer" bone. With the newly approved device, called PRECICE, a magnetic motor, when held up to the leg, causes the rod to lengthen, reports ScienceDaily.

The surgery costs about $85,000, according to ABC News, and takes about three months to recover from and requires extensive rehabilitation.

What do you think? Would you be willing to invest the time, pain and expense to grow a few inches?

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