Poll: Do You Lie About Your Weight?

“Who doesn't?” was the response that many women gave after being asked that question. We're sure guilty of it! And what's a little white lie here and there? It's not hurting anyone.

A survey of 2,000 women conducted by EatWater.co.uk revealed that two thirds of British women lie about their weight within nine pounds. "Carrying extra weight can be embarrassing and knock your confidence, so it's only natural that you might not want to highlight this to your friends and even your partner," says Eat Water's Vincent Lee.

What's more, many women revealed that they view 120 pounds as their ideal weight. But women aren't always taking off the L-Bs, some of them are adding them on, according to an unofficial Yahoo poll. Why? One woman said she does it to get the “there's no way you weigh that much” reaction from her peers.

So fess up ladies! Do you lie about your weight? Tell us in the *comments below.