Travel Survival Guide For Your Skin

Whether it's a business trip or for pleasure, an upcoming voyage can cause your skin un-needed stress. We're hoping that with spring rapidly approaching it's the latter, and you'll soon be sipping Pina Coladas in some fabulous tropical destination. Either way, you should still know how to pack for travel in order to take care of your skin pre-flight, mid-air, and post-flight.

Also, keep in mind, your final destination could cause different reactions in your skin, so keep that in mind when you choose which skin-care products to pack. "When heading to a warm or humid climate, skin can break out. When going somewhere cool or cold, or to higher elevations, it can become dehydrated," says San Francisco, CA, aesthetician Lori Anderson.

According to Kate Duff, co-founder of the travel website, it's best not to apply makeup before flight since it's "best to travel barefaced. Wearing makeup while you fly can dehydrate your skin," she says. Instead, wear a tinted moisturizer, which will hydrate and give you a bit of coverage.

Bring along a hydrating spray or cream, which Smithtown, NY, dermatologist Marina Peredo, MD, says will help the skin retain moisture. "When skin becomes dehydrated from flying, due to recycled air and elevation, it can show instantly."

Restore lost moisture and give skin a good cleansing. A professional facial is always a good idea since it dislodges trapped oil and dead skin. But if you don't have time to get into the spa, then follow-up your flight with a vitamin-infused serum on your skin. We recommend patting on Orlane Morning Recovery Concentrate ($100) which contains ginseng and ginkgo biloba to instantly lift your skin and revive it.

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    Great tips! I always use a hydrating eye and face serum/cream on flights. Be sure to apply your eye treatment around the whole eye and massage gently into the socket. Drinking green tea on planes is good for your skin and avoid alcohol and caffeine. I treat the journey as an opportunity to rest and rejuvenate. When I get to my hotel room, I have a hot bath or shower. To look like I've had a full eight hours sleep, I apply a hydrating face and eye mask and do some yoga. Sipping pina coladas in a fabulous tropical destination sounds good to me!

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    I have a great face spray made with kiwi and grapefruit extract that I put in a 3oz carry on approved bottle to spray during my flight. I often fly cross country and all that recycled air is murder on my skin. Also, I don't drink soda or alcohol on my flights, always choose water!

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