What Your Adult Acne Breakouts Actually Mean

Today, an influx of adult women experience acne. Some even have it worse than when they were teenagers. Others never dealt with acne during adolescence and now, can't seem to find their way back to clear skin. Despite what camp you might fall in, one thing is certain: where you breakout on your face is a direct reflection of what's going on inside your body, says celebrity aesthetician Susan Ciminelli.

There are four main regions on your face that can be affected on internal activities. Here is the breakdown of your breakouts:

If you break out on your forehead:
This may be related to what is happening in your small intestine. To fix it, try not to rush through meals. Eat slowly so you can properly digest your food. To eat slower, try to use smaller utensils, like a smaller spoon or chopsticks. According to a University of Rhode Island at Kingston study, those who do so, consume 70 less calories per meal. Also try using your less dominate hand to hold your utensil, as it will take more effort to get each bite in.

If you break out between your eyes:
Your liver may need a rest from toxins consumed on a daily basis. Cut out prepackaged and non-organic foods, says Ciminelli. Drink a glass of water mixed with one tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar or lemon juice every day, and load up on dark, leafy vegetables too.

If you break out on the sides of your nose (Just before the apples of your cheeks):
It may reflect what's going on in your stomach. The cleaner you eat, the better. Skip added sugars (white and brown sugars cause inflammation), avoid saturated and trans fats, and pump up lean proteins.

And finally, if it is your chin that is under attack:
This may be indicative of a problem in your endocrine system-a network of glands, each of which secretes a hormone directly into your bloodstream. To fix it, limit your meat intake and try to eat organic when possible.

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  • resha
    Posted on

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  • SanuraJamila
    Posted on

    Drinking unsweetened, quality green tea after meals helps detox and keep complexions clear.

  • sjd
    Posted on

    Reagan- I would try to eat lean protein just a few times a week and mix in a few meatless meals as well. Also, nuts and beans are a great source of lean protein, dairy has protein as well- just make sure its low in fat!

  • anonymous
    Posted on

    If chin area is a problem for you during that time of the month, start adding lots of fennel into your diet. For overall acne, add tumeric into your diet. Red meat should really be excluded from your diet because it sits in the gut & rots. Always think LEAN(protein) & GREEN(veggies) when choosing most meals, drink tons of water, limit fruit(high in sugars), & exercise regularly(and don't over dry the skin with acne products)...your skin will love you for it.

  • sjd
    Posted on

    Do you exfoliate your legs, with a loufa and body wash? Sounds like you either have razor burn or ingrown hairs. I would suggest you switch razors and try and gently scrub up your legs. The dry skin can clog the hair folicle.

  • anonymous
    Posted on

    Any suggestions for adult breakouts on cheeks and continuous break outs on legs after shaving?

  • anonymous
    Posted on

    This is so true. When I lived at home during hs, I never had acne, but my mom always made us very healthy nutritional meals. But when I went to college I started breaking out really bad and had no idea why but it was just constantly around. About a year ago I switched my diet to much less gluten and basically cut out carbs that were not multigrain and my skin looks so much clearer and brighter! I had no idea my diet could reflect much more than my waistline!

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