When Your Hair Needs A Little Therapy

We can all deal with a bad hair day. But what do you do when a bad hair day turns into a bad hair year? You find the right products and treatments to give your hair a little TLC. That's where CHI Organics Nutrient Therapy Line comes in.

Designed to promote hair health through the proper balance of olives, herbs, and essential oils, it makes your hair become more nourished, moisturized and protected. Plus, all of the products in this line are sulfate- and paraben-free, and the conditioner promises to eliminate static.

After just one wash with the shampoo and conditioner, my normally dry and brittle hair became so soft and shiny that I couldn't stop touching it! I'm especially a fan because it's color-safe, which is important because I just became a vibrant redhead. So I guess you could say my hair (and the color) couldn't be happier.

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