Would You Prefer An Overnight Hospital Stay Post-Plastic Surgery?

Procedures such as facelifts, nose jobs, necklifts and breast augmentations are performed under general anesthesia, which means that you're unconscious during the surgery. But since they are typically done on an outpatient basis, you're not required to stay overnight. On the other hand, treatments like body lifts and breast reconstruction do require at least an overnight stay.

That's why Orlando, FL, plastic surgeon Jon Paul Trevisani, MD, believes more plastic surgery patients should opt to stay overnight (whether they're required to or not) with monitored nursing care so their blood pressure, oxygen levels and blood circulation can easily be checked and cared for swiftly.

“Providing a high standard of care and safety in the immediate post-operative phase are my primary considerations when I think about my patients' best interests following surgery," he says.

Of course, the best way to determine if you should stay overnight is to ask your doctor since he or she is best able to assess your health. However, if you were given the option, would you choose to stay for the peace of mind or go to the comfort of your home?

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