The Makeup Mistake Too Many Women Make

We've all seen it. In line at the grocery store, or behind you in line at the Starbucks, or worse-strutting down the red carpet. The offense: unblended makeup. Makeup that is so poorly blended that it looks like a zebra went on safari all over a face. It's not a pretty sight, but admittedly, it happens to the best of us.

Remember, blending is essential for flawless makeup and it's a critical aspect of highlighting and contouring. Just take a look at the beautiful blending that Drew Barrymore's makeup artist did with her in the picture.

Blending helps achieve the definition needed to complement your features, and if you don't blend the different makeups and shades into one another, you'll have noticeable lines. "Think of contouring and highlighting like watercolor versus oil paints, the makeup should be hazy and out-of-focus and you should never see racing stripes or obvious demarcations where one color starts and another stops," says James Boehmer, NARS director of global artistry.

Here are three key ways to avoid an unblended makeup application:

1) Start by doing your makeup in proper lighting.
2) Make sure you have the right tools, either a spherical sponge or soft brush.
3) Start out at the darkest point of your makeup and gently buff the makeup into your skin.
4) When you can't see where one color starts, and the other stops, you've blended colors properly together.

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