The Girls Getaway Guide

We all deserve a girls weekend. Fair and square. But while it always sounds like a good idea, reality reminds us that we have responsibilities and crazy schedules. So the trip never happens. After all, who's going to plan the trip? That's where Arizona Spa Girls creator, Lisa Kasanicky, steps in with her ever-so-handy The Complete Idiot's Guide to Girlfriend Getaways.

This 320-page guidebook not only tells you where to go, but also how to pack, what beauty routine to follow before you hit the road, how to get your family prepped for your absence and what great things to do, eat and see while you're gone.

With a background in beauty and travel writing, Kasanicky knows just what you're looking for, be it a beach vacation, shopping excursion, spa retreat, nature adventure or volunteer opportunities. The book is also a great resource for companies that focus on women's travel needs. Plus there are lots of tips for making the trip extra-special for you and your friends. So stop talking about your getaway, and go already.

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