Poll: Do You Choose Beauty Products Based On Their Packaging?

You've been told “Don't judge a book by its cover” plenty of times in your life. And while it's sound advice, do you actually follow it? How about when it comes to your beauty products?

We admit that we've been drawn to some fancy packaging. In fact, we're more likely to choose a perfume with colorful, creative packaging over one that looks plain and boring...or at least, we're more apt to try the other first. After all, we're only human and want our products to reflect our style and taste. Plus, it's easy to assume that a company that puts care into product presentation will also put more care into their actual products and their performance, right?

However, we've fallen prey to presentation and hype and ended up with a terrible product. Have we learned from our unwise decisions? Not completely. That's why we want to know what you think. Do you choose products based on their packaging? Tell us what you think in the *comments below.

  • Samuel M. Lam
    Posted on

    I believe obviously the #1 criterion for a skin care product is that it works and that it works well. I have been developing my own line of plant stem cell derived products over the past 2 years and will be launching the product (ova-skin.com) in a week or two at the most. however, the reason that i did not launch the product since august of last year was due to the packaging. i worked and reworked the color, design, and every element until was 100% happy. i believe as an artist that the quality and care of the package offers two things: a testament to the care of the product itself and also it substantially can change the way a person interacts with a product. i am a big fan of dieter rams, the head of braun design, for 40 years who believes that package design is integral to the meaning and substance of a product. that is why apple products are so very special and why they have an entire department just to making the packaging. at least these are my thoughts. best, s.

  • Karina
    Posted on

    I use I'm Fabulous Cosmetics because I love the products and the packaging. The prices are not too expensive like La prairie or other where you pay for the marketing and the packaging the company uses. There is excellent products out there much better the those very expensive brand like. revive, La Prairie.... I Love I'm Fabulous Cosmetics!!!

  • kelly
    Posted on

    I absolutely do! Obviously the products reputation in terms of how long the brand has been around and what kind of reviews it has received are very important but if its an impulse buy, I will be swayed by a well designed package!

  • Anonymous Aesthetician
    Posted on

    A skin care product that ahs air-tight sealed packaging is preferrable to one definitely over one in jar packagaing, because the product itself isn't exposed to light & air which deteriorates the skin care ingredients (antioxidants & other skin-repairing ingredients) over time and potentially become less effective and dipping your fingers into a moisturizer jar creates bacteria and therefore fastens it's ineffectivity even more.

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