Get Perfect Brows Without Waxing Or Tweezing

Who isn't after the perfect arch? A technique known as brow planning relies on a serrated blade to create your best brow possible.

The innovation
When Texas beauty expert Christi Harris learned that it was too difficult for her clients to shape their brows without removing too many hairs or destroying them, she decided to take matters into her own hands. The result? Christi Harris Precision Brow Planning System ($60), which uses a personalized "map"(by measuring the base, arch and tail of the brow)-so you know exactly where to remove hair. Harris, who created the technique, claims that planning doesn't cause ingrown hairs or asymmetry since the hair isn't ripped from the root. Instead, it's cut, leaving no stubble behind.

How it works
The key component in brow planning is the planner. "It's a steel serrated blade-it's not sharp-with a tip at the end that grabs the hairs one by one and cuts them," explains Harris. To shape the brows, which takes about 15 minutes the first time around, measures your bone structure and creates a "map." The planer, which is virtually pain-free, can also be sued to remove hair on any part of the face.

We're obviously intrigued, are you?

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