Eat Your Way To Lasting Hair Color

After your hair is freshly dyed, you prance out of the salon looking and feeling like a glossy haired model in a Pantene commercial. Throughout well-timed flips of your shiny hair over the next couple of weeks, the color continues to be vibrant and youthful. Then, one fateful day, you wake up and your hair is dull, and brassy. It's a vicious cycle.

Turns out it could be your lunch-or rather, what you're not eating-
that turns your luscious color from fabulous to faded. The right balance of foods can actually prevent color from fading and turning brassy. "Essential fatty acids, found in cold water fish, are important for great color because they nourish the strands and give your hair a natural shine. Plus, they help hair retain color better by strengthening it," says Los Angeles celebrity nutritionist Cynthia Pasquella. The trace mineral copper, found in sesame seeds, cashews and mushrooms, is also key since it supplies hair with iron; a copper deficiency can result in loss of pigment.

So eat up to keep hair color strong and commercial-worthy.

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